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Who's inside our miniature city?

Now a Little BIG City wouldn’t be much of a city without people. So we’ve lavished extra care on our characters, to make them as believable as we can. Each has been carefully researched and had their own professional stylist, inspired by colleagues at Madame Tussauds.

There’s over 6,000 Little BIG City residents, each with their own story to share. Many are based on real life accounts. This includes the everyday man, famous celebrities and stars throughout history, Royalty, good apples and bad apples!

Can you spot the ghost of The White Lady? Look out for the brave flying Otto Lilenthial! Can you catch bank robbers The Sass brothers in the act?! See how the brave and creative Berliners tried to escape the Berlin Wall in The Divided City.

Our 6,000-and-growing cast of Little BIG City residents are at the heart of our city and making our beautifully crafted 3D miniature sets both living and breathing. They look forward to meeting you all and sharing their stories with you.




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