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Divided City

Divided City

"I am a Berliner," Kennedy shouts to the world in front of the iron curtain. The city is now divided by a wall. You can do what many could not - walk freely from the Palace of the Republic to Ku'Damm.

a boy and a girl watch the reconstruction of the Berlin wall with graffiti at Little BIG City Berlin

West and East - two worlds so close, yet so different. Experience the divided city - the military parades in the gray East on one side of the Wall and the free spirit of the communities in the colorful West on the other. Many try to find their way to the West on the most adventurous paths by land, sea and air.



But now it's time - you have to help tear down the Berlin Wall. Become a wall woodpecker! Celebrate one of the most famous moments in history with fireworks and feel the euphoria of reunification.




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