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Early Berlin

Early Berlin

In the 12th century, the then Berlin, on the right, and Cölln, on the left of the Spree, merge into one city. Travel back to the Middle Ages and meet the original Berliners as well as the founding fathers, e.g. Albrecht the Bear.

Many great personalities are in Berlin at the time of the Enlightenment, can you discover them? And who brings potatoes to the city?

a kid with his family watches a miniature knights' competition at Little BIG City Berlin

Help the miniature inhabitants build the Berlin City Palace. Oops, have you seen the ghost of the Hohenzollern, the White Lady? Have a look at the king's house, it's a bit unruly there... Take part in the interactive knight game in the castle courtyard and show your skills by competing with friends and/or family!



The plague is raging in Berlin. True to the motto: "Flee fast, flee far, take your time returning," those who can afford it leave the city. Many of the remaining Berliners fall victim to the Black Death. The 30-year war also left its devastating mark on the city. Come and see for yourself!




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