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Weimar Republic

Weimar Republik

Glitter, glamour and ganov:ing... in the Weimar Republic, many famous world stars like Marlene Dietrich and Harry Houdini cavort in the cabarets and dance halls during the Golden Twenties. But you decide who will be on stage for you.

Ein Pärchen sieht sich gemeinsam die Nachbildung des Haus Vaterland im Little BIG City an

There's a lot going on in this city - the wicked Josephine Baker performs at the Jazzkeller at night, while the genius Albert Einstein cycles through Berlin during the day. Can you find out why Josephine Baker arrives on an ostrich?



Komm'se näher, komm'se Europe's first and largest amusement park, the Lunapark, there is a lot to see. Now Berlin is becoming a film factory - the latest flick is currently being shown on the screen of the Titania Palast cinema.




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