Data Protection Policy

We inform our users of this web site here about the nature, extent and purposes of compiling and utilizing your personal data in our web site according to Article 13, Para. 1 of the Telemedia Law, in order to ensure security and confidence for you about this subject.

Madame Tussauds Deutschland GmbH Niederlassung Little BIG City is a telemedia service-provider in the legal sense. According to Article 13, Para. 1 of the Telemedia Law (TMG), this company has to inform the user in an intelligible form at the beginning of the using operation about the nature, extent and purpose of compiling the personal data as well as about the processing of his data in countries that are outside the area of jurisdiction of RiL 95/46/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, regarding the protection of natural persons during the processing of personal data and regarding the free movement of data (ABl. EU no. L 281, page 31).

It is basically possible to use our site without inputting any personal data. Diverging regulations can arise for this purpose in order to use our site’s individual services, which will be explained separately below in this case. You can find the legal fundamentals of data protection in the German Data Protection Law (BDSG) and in the Telemedia Law (TMG).

Personal data is individual information about the personal or material circumstances of a determined or determinable natural person (e.g., name, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc.) according to Article 3, Para. 1 of the German Data Protection Law. We only process your personal data according to the provisions of the German Data Protection Law. We will ask for your personal data and utilize it without your prior consent solely for handling your booking, unless you would like to use further services like having our newsletter sent to you for example. We will then obtain your consent at the appropriate point.

Your personal data is also forwarded within the Merlin Entertainments Group but only after receiving your prior consent.

The following regulations inform you about the nature, extent and purpose of compiling, using and processing the personal data in this respect. 

We are pointing out that the data transmission via the internet has gaps in the security, which cannot be closed completely. Therefore, it is impossible to have complete protection against access by third parties. The provisions that are cited here solely refer to our web site at “ “. Links to the web sites of other suppliers (external links) can be found on this web site but these provisions do not apply to them. Please inform yourself there about how your data is being handled respectively in individual cases.

The purpose of processing the data is to operate a web site with information and to present it, as well as to offer the services of a visitor attraction.

1.) Personal data

Personal data according to Article 3, Para. 1 of the German Data Protection Law (BDSG) is individual information about the personal or material circumstances of a determined or determinable natural person.

We do not automatically compile any personal data whatsoever via our web site. However, data is stored for statistical purposes through calling up our internet site, such as the web site from which you are visiting us, the web site that you visit with us and your IP address. This data also gives information about the terminal device that is being used (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.), the browser that is being utilized (Internet Explorer, Safari, Fire Fox, etc.), the point in time of accessing the web site, the so-called referrer and the transmitted quantities of data. However, it is impossible to create a reference to the person from this data automatically because the actual IP address is not stored separately but anonymously. This anonymous data will be stored separately from any of your personal data that you give and no inferences about a determined person can be obtained from it in this way.

Therefore, the individual visitor remains anonymous.

However, we are pointing out that it can be possible to refer to a person via a RIPE query with a statistical IP address in individual cases but we do not do that nevertheless. However, the IP addresses on this web site are accessible both statically and dynamically. 

This information serves us in order to ascertain our web site’s attractiveness and to improve its performance or contents if necessary and for designing it to be even more interesting for you.

When do we store personal data?

Personal data is only stored whenever you have given consent, such as for founding a contractual relationship or drafting the contents of it or altering it; ordering our newsletter; answering your enquiries or enabling access to certain information that is required (inventory data) within the framework of buying a ticket for example; or participating in a questionnaire or a competition. We process this personal data together with handling the corresponding order; we also inform you about correspondingly similar offers and we could then forward this data that is required for the purpose to service-providers. Such a service-provider is typically a credit institute (i.e., bank) that is commissioned with the payment, or an agency which processes the information for the purposes of Article 1 of the German Data Protection Law on our behalf. Our partners also undertake in this case to treat your data confidentially according to the legal provisions.

We will not disclose your personal data to third parties, nor market it in another way and we will only forward it within the Merlin Entertainments Group instead for the purposes of processing and analysing the data as well as analysing the market.

You can object to your data being forwarded whenever processing of the data is irrelevant for the order. Please contact the appropriate office that is stated at the end of this declaration for this purpose. Your revocation will then be effective in future.

Your data will be stored for further utilization after the contract has been handled completely. This data will be deleted after the regulations according to tax law and commercial law have expired, insofar as you have not expressly consented to a further use of it.

What will the compiled data be utilized for?

The personal data that is notified by you will only be used, compiled and processed for the aforementioned purposes. It can also be compiled, processed and used in individual cases if that is required for the purposes of:

criminal prosecution, averting danger or fulfilling the legal duties;

founding or protecting legal claims, or defending lawsuits:

preventing misuse or other illegal activities, such as deliberate intrusions (i.e., hacking) into our data protection service for example.

erforderlich ist.

Data about children

We will not knowingly compile any personal data about children without advising you expressly that such data should only be transmitted with the consent of parents, if applicable legal regulations intend this to be done. We only utilize or forward the personal data about children insofar as this is legally allowed, in order to obtain the legally required parental consent or to protect children. The nationally applicable legal provisions must be considered by the term of “child” or “children” in this case.

If a child contacts us online, e.g., in order to participate in a competition or if he has questions to ask us, then we will store his e-mail address and also the e-mail address of the parents or the guardian. We will only utilize the e-mail address of the parents or the guardian in order to inform them that their child has contacted us. In addition, we will also inform the parents or guardian about the nature and utilization of the compiled data, insofar as this action is legally prescribed. We will also inform the parents or guardian about how they can examine their child’s personal data, apply for it to be deleted and how they can prevent further collection and utilization of their child’s personal data. Parents or guardians of children whose personal data we have compiled are entitled to examine this data, to prevent it from being collected or utilized and to arrange for it to be deleted. We request you to contact us for this purpose.

You will learn about how you can contact us at the end of this declaration.

We would like to request those parents and guardian who would like to examine the person data of their children to give the names of the users and the passwords of their children as well as their own e-mail address. This information will enable us to check the data and to make contact with you if necessary.

We will not sell or rent any personal data about children, or otherwise make it accessible to third parties. Exceptions are forwarding the data within the Merlin Entertainments Group after obtaining your prior consent, or forwarding it to companies that the offer services on our behalf which your child has called up, or forwarding the data on account of court orders, summons or corresponding requests that are made by the criminal prosecution authority. 

We cannot and will not cause any circumstances whereby the children will be requested or encouraged to disclose personal information in order to participate in the activities of our web site beyond the requisite extent.

Children are allowed to participate in any competitions that we could offer. If a child should win, then we will send a notification to the e-mail address of the parents or guardian (who have given us the child’s name for participating in the competition). We do not ask the child to give any personal information except for the e-mail address, without obtaining the permission of the parents or guardian beforehand. All of the information about children and parents that is compiled during the course of a competition will be stored until the competition has ended and the prizes have been delivered; then it will be deleted.

If one of our activities gives children the possibility of divulging personal data (typically in an unsupervised chat room or on a bulletin board), then we will obtain the permission from the parents or guardian before we permit the child to participate. All of these activities will be continuously supervised, monitored and recorded.

2.) Cookies

We utilize cookies for operating our home page. You can find information about the cookies that are utilized by us, their functions and how to delete them, in our advice about cookies.

3.) Security

We use technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your data that we administer from manipulation, loss and destruction, as well as from third-party access. Our security measures are being improved continuously, according to the technological development on the internet. For example, sensitive data will be transmitted to us whenever you place a purchase order. You will be encripted by one of the most well-established and securest transmission processes at present, so that this data does not fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, we have a firewall (security software) in order to protect internal information from the internet.

All of the information that we receive from you will be protected by a secure server.  The security software of the SSL (secure socket layers) server encripts all of the information that you input before it is transmitted to us. The information will only be decoded whenever it has reached our server. If a small ‘padlock’ appears on the bottom left-hand position in our web site, then you know that the web site is secure. Therefore, you can also securely transmit personal data and details about credit cards for example via our web site. 

4.) Newsletter

You have the possibility of subscribing to our free newsletter. This newsletter gives you all of the current news and information about the latest attractions, campaigns and offers at regular intervals. You need a valid e-mail address for receiving the newsletter. We will immediately check the e-mail address that you have input, in order to ascertain whether you are actually the owner of the input e-mail address or if the owner is authorized to receive the newsletter. We will make this check by means of sending you the e-mail address that you have stated, in order for you to then confirm that you have received it. You will then be registered for our newsletter after confirming the e-mail.

We will store your IP address, the date and the time of your registration with your registration for the newsletter. This procedure takes place purely for security reasons in case a third party misuses your e-mail address and he subscribes to our newsletter without your knowledge. We will not compile any further data for this purpose: we will utilize this data solely with reference to the newsletter.

We will only transmit your data within the Merlin Entertainments Group for the purposes of analysis, as well as for transmitting information for advertising purposes, whenever you give your consent by contacting the office that is given below, which you can revoke at any time with future effect. The data that is compiled for referring to the newsletter is adapted within the Merlin Entertainments Group with data that could be compiled by us in other ways (e.g., when buying tickets or booking a hotel room). Your data is not forwarded to third parties who do not belong to the Merlin Entertainments Group. You can cancel the reference to our newsletter at any time. You can obtain details about cancelling our newsletter from the confirmatory e-mail and from every newsletter in addition. Your data that has been compiled with reference to the newsletter will be deleted immediately after the cancellation.

5.) Contacting possibilities

You have the possibility of making contact with us for your questions, wishes and suggestions. You can do so via e-mail or by using our contact form among other ways. The information that you have given will be stored in this case for the purposes of processing the contact that you made. This data will only be forwarded to those third parties who we have commissioned according to Article 11 of the German Data Protection Law. In addition, the data that has been compiled in this way will be adapted with data that we could have compiled in other ways, if you have given us an appropriate consent beforehand, which you can revoke at any time with future effect. Please contact the office that is named at the end of this declaration for exercising the revocation. However, please note that e-mails which have not been encripted are insufficiently protected from this information being obtained by unauthorized third parties.

The responsible office for the purposes of the data protection law is:
Merlin Entertainments Group,
Privacy Department, 3 Market Close, Poole, Dorset BH15 1NQ.

6.) Commenting possibility

You have the possibility sometimes of filing comments about the individual contributions, events and pictures on our web site. The  IP address of the author or connection’s owner will be stored for our own security while doing so, in the case that the author infringes third-party rights by means of his comment or he composes illegal contents or both. Therefore, it is in our own interest to store the respective author’s data, particularly since we can be sued for legal infringements in certain circumstances. We will not unauthorizedly forward the data that is stored in this case to third parties, nor adapt it with any data that we could have compiled in another place either.  

7.) Information, revocation, deletion and the responsible office

You can also contact us free of charge in the event that you have any questions about compiling, processing or using your personal data and about correcting, blocking, deleting or revoking a granted consent on account of the legal provisions in the German Data Protection Law. We will answer all reasonable questions free of charge and as quickly as possible according to the applicable law. Furthermore, we would like to advise you that a right to correct false data or delete personal data is vested in you, if no legal duty of safekeeping opposes this claim.

These drawn-up provisions regarding the use of data or this data protection declaration respectively will be adapted during the course of the internet’s further development. We will announce the alterations in this place (i.e., on this site) in good time. This site should be called up regularly in order to be kept informed about the current status of our provisions regarding the use of data. 

You can contact the following responsible office free of charge whenever you have any questions to ask concerning this matter.