Little BIG City Berlin - NOW OPEN

Little BIG City Berlin - NOW OPEN

Berlin's newest attraction is now open...

Welcome to Little BIG City Berlin, where you can experience the city’s epic history in a brand new way. 3D miniature sets, reinvented on a new scale with exquisite detail, bringing to life seven eras that have shaped the city, from the origins of Berlin, right up to modern day.

From the little Café Achteck to the iconic Berlin Wall and the great Brandenburg Gate, you’ll see Berlin’s most incredible landmarks both past and present. Berlin has so many big and little stories to tell! So let us tell you that story, uncovering the big events that shaped both the city and world history. And discover lots of little people’ stories too- from what life was like living in Medieval Berlin right through to Gangsters causing havoc in the Golden Age.

Be the first to experience this WORLD FIRST and totally unique new attraction.

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