Medieval history of Berlin at Little Big City

What is Little BIG City Berlin?

Little BIG City is a brand new attraction located at the foot of Berlin’s iconic TV Tower, brought to you by the makers of Madame Tussauds, The Dungeon, SEA LIFE and LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre- Merlin Entertainments.

Dusting off over 700 years of history, Little BIG City is the new way to experience the life story of Berlin on a totally new scale, bringing you closer to history than ever before.

Discover the most epic events that shaped the city from the moment it was born right up to modern day.

Our charming 3D interactive miniature sets are on a bigger scale than your average miniature attraction and with captivating special effects you can witness Berlin’s famous landmarks and breath-taking cityscapes transform all around you.

Who is it for?

Little BIG City is for anybody who wants to discover Berlin’s history in a completely new way.

  • Visiting Berlin?
    Get under the skin of the city and learn about its history in this fun whistle-stop journey of Berlin through time. Little BIG City is a visual experience where everyone is welcome. Interpretation is provided in both German and English.
  • Live in Berlin?
    See how life in your amazing city has transformed over the years.
  • Age is just a number; however the recommended age is for 6+, mainly due to the content covered in the attraction.

What next?